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A lot of writers enjoy listening to music while writing. Below is a list of my favorites, and why I like them 🙂  *AND … if you click on the names, it’ll take you to their music channel…*

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Instrumental Options:

– Hans Zimmer: This guy is epic! He did the soundtracks for Man of Steel, Gladiator, and the History Channel series “The Bible.”  And tons of other stuff.I’ve been obsessed with him for a while!

– Lindsey Sterling: AMAZING violinist! She does video game music as well as covers to awesome songs like “Radioactive, (by Imagine Dragons) and Mackelmore’s “Thrift Shop.”

Adrianvon Ziegler: *mini rave alert* THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE his music. *rave over.* But seriously, two hours of free Celtic music, can you get any better?! There are literally hundreds of hours of free music on his channel!!

– Enya: Is there anything bad to say about her? I like how her vocals blend so well with the Gaelic/Celtic tones of the music. So, even though she sings, it’s kinda masked a little bit because it just mixes so well. If you’re not found of ‘wordy’ music while writing, I would recommend trying her out, see if it works … I love, but some might not.

“Wordy Music” Options:

Okay. So a lot of people just can’t handle music with words. Really unfortunate, as there are such great options out there, but each to their own. I personal love music with lyrics more, believe it or not. If you can handle it, here are some of my favorites!!

– Imagine Dragons: LOVE these guys. There lyrics bring out crazy ideas, and while their music can be upbeat, their also very calming as well.

– AWOLNATION: In particular their song “Sail.”  For most, the jarring sound of it completely kills the creative vibe, but for me it hits the spot. In fact, I’m listing to it right now as we speak!!! Call me crazy. 😉

Kurt Hugo Schneider: KHS collaborates with other young singers and they create covers to the top pop songs of the year.  Typically I like listening to the original artists ONLY, but the KHS crew do an AMAZING job with every cover. Haven’t heard one that’s bad to date!

– Pentatonix: These guys are the best acapella group I’ve EVER heard. They do both covers and some originals. Check em out!

– Katy Perry: *warning* When it comes to KP music, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.  My favorites for writing are – “Fireworks,” “Wide Awake,” “Part Of Me,” “Roar,” “Dark Horse,” and “E.T.” (the version with Kanye West) just because I love the freakiness of the whole song. 🙂

– Avril Laving: Everything about her is epic. That’s all.

– Adele: The reason sometimes enjoy her music is that the depressing lyrics, and ballads help me when I need to write compelling, deep scenes or moments of high tension and emotion.

– Mackelmore:   Return of the Mack, get up! What it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t. Looking for a better way to listen to good music when I’m wri-i-ting.  Another favorite. And it’s not that his music helps me write, it’s just the fact that I love his creative, humors, and ingenious lyrics and sometimes I just need something light and fun.

Aight. That’s all I have. What about you? What kinda music gets your creative juices activated?  Would love to hear in the comments… always trying to expand my list 🙂

~Devani Anjali

Author, Blogger, Business owner, Life Long Learner.

*P.S., I’m NOT affiliated with ANY of these artists. I seriously wish I were now 😉

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