Thoughts on Creativity: Interest vs Dedication

Thoughts on Creativity: Interest vs Dedication

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For years I’ve been following people like Steven Pressfield, Julia Cameron, Chase Jarvis, and other creative icons of our time and their publications. Countless podcasts, articles, books, you name it! All coming to the same conclusion:

To become the artist you see yourself as, you must dedicate time every day towards who you want to be.

This is not any radically new notion, nor even remotely groundbreaking. Yet, why do so many of us fail to turn pro and show up day in and day out?

My theory is that we often conflate interest and dedication.

Interest can be a mere passing fancy. I’m interested in movies, but would never want to pursue a career in acting. Same with singing, dancing, and many other creative endeavors.

Dedication is a verb.

Something you prove through showing up and playing the game all out. You live, breathe, and immerse fully in the notion that you will become what you set out to be. That you will finish what you start. And that you will succeed.

There’s nothing “passing” about it.

When you have the mindset of dedication, you are committing your time, sweat, hard work, and even money to your craft.

So, the first thing to determine before starting:

Are you interested or are you dedicated?

Let me know your thoughts on this!

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