The Rainy Day Mindset Shift

The Rainy Day Mindset Shift

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Cold, wet, mud puddles, slate’y skies.  Rainy days used to be a mood killer, it was the perfect ingredients for Lil Miss Crabby.


Family and friends can attest to the fact that I am not a fun person to be around on a rainy day. Snappy, and downright moody in the worst of ways.

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This is the view from my front porch.


But today, waking up to the rain. I felt something different.  You see, as a writer–and we can be an odd lot–I had ideas swirling around for my novel that I hadn’t cracked open for almost 6 months.


The rain wasn’t an issue, and in fact, I’m welcoming the clouds, chill, and dreary forecast.  This just makes dystopic fiction writing all the more juicy.


So, most of the morning I’ve been so immersed in writing, that I haven’t had time to dwell in my typically piss poor rainy day mood.  Much to the delight of those around me. :p

It's not about weather, it's about your mind.
It’s not about weather, it’s about your mind.


While I still struggle with being cheery on the very British-like days North Carolina throws at us, I’m trying to find peace with the fact that I will never have the power to change the weather.  Or the day of the week (yes, I’m talking about you Monday haters – I got your number).


If you allow your mood to be determined by forces outside your control, you’ll be miserable.  Don’t worry, I’ve been that person for far too long.  It’s part of the human experience to let emotion control us, to be dragged into petty dramas, mood swings, and irritability.


But it’s also part of the human experience to try and transcend the feeling of being pulled by emotion.


It’s a journey.  All part of this “figuring myself out” deal that we get with our lives.

Let’s go! 



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