The Art of Eating Sushi

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Our local Whole Foods has a Sushi bar. It’s epic.  They have those California rolls with avocado and carrots in them. That is my favorite and it’s such a treat! I eat it on the way home so none of the other foods tempt me 😉

The other day, while eating it, I made a mistake.  I tried taking a bite out of the sushi, rather then just popping the whole thing in my mouth.  They are a bit larger then ‘bite size’ so it can be awkward to enjoy/chew when you have a golf ball size piece in your mouth.

I turned to my mom, (we were in the car – she was driving), and told her: “You can’t take a bite out of sushi! It’s impossible! You have to stuff the whole damn thing in your mouth. Gross.” in a dryly humored, but mildly frustrated tone.

She chuckled in agreement say, “Yep! You gotta commit!”  BAM!
“Hey!” I said, “It’s like goals. You can’t take a half assed bite out of a goal you want to accomplish, you got to commit.”

So, that’s why I’m writing this.

To get what you want in life accomplished, you HAVE to commit. Completely.  You can’t take a little bite then decide it’s not something you care for.  You must take the plunge.  Or you’ll leave a mess of unfinished, abandoned ideas behind you.

If you want to be happy and achieve your various aspirations in life, you must be willing to let go, commit, and take the plunge.

The path to success doesn’t include half ass’ing it.

You’ve got to commit to yourself and your goals.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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