STOP… Letting Hate Fuel Your Passions!

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…Especially someone else’s!!!


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Personally I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing all these photos and social media postings about how ‘other people’s hate fuels the work you do’.

And yes, I completely get the irony in posting this.

But let me ask you something … Is it smart to let another person’s emotion, be a driving force in YOUR passion? Something that you do out of joy and LOVE.

This concept has always baffled me from the beginning.

One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is: “What you focus on, grows in your life.”

So, if you’re constantly thinking, talking about, and posting concepts like – “Haters’ gunna hate” or “Your hate just motivates me!” Then you’re putting your focus on them and their feeling, rather then YOU and YOUR work.

My suggestion… Stop giving them a second thought. Heck, don’t even give so called ‘haters’ a first thought.

Focus on the activities and people who support you and your happiness, and that’s what will grow.

Typically, it’s not even us that ‘haters’ are really ‘mad’ about.  This is no secret. And yet, we still tend to take offense at them and their antics.

Why not just focus on supporting the people that decide to support you. Then you have no time to think about people that ‘hate.’

Would love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below!



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