Stop Dreaming

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… WHAT?! Okay, you really have gone crazy, Devani.

I can see where you would question my sanity when reading that title. You’re in good company, I question my sanity daily.

So often a lot of people, myself included, say things like: “I want to create a business for…” or “I envision my life looking like…” or “My life would be perfect if…”

This is awesome. I LOVE hearing people dreaming big ideas. But where does the dream turn to reality? That’s what I’m more interested in.

Out of all the books I’ve read, and several conferences attended, I keep hearing a similar message: “Don’t just dream, make a plan of action.”

Dreaming is wonderfully eye-opening, and stimulates your mind, but the magic happens when the image in your head, turns into a physical creation.  There is a rush of power and joy when you bring an idea to life.

When scrolling through social media platforms, I used to love seeing those inspiring images with the quotes that said things along the lines of ‘dreaming bigger’ and ‘being creative.’

Now, I cringe every time I see those. Not because I think it’s a ‘bad message’ but because it’s misleading.

Dreaming doesn’t get you anywhere, and those images rarely say anything about the hard work that goes behind making your visions REAL.  There are some that say things along the lines of: “Work hard to make the life you want” — But more often then not, these viral memes tell the easy story.

Most creative people know that the vision itself, is easy to come up with, and it can get so grand in your head where you have all the resources.  It’s the actual ‘bringing to life’ that is hard.

Mom’s know what it’s like best of all. Labor pains.  When you’re giving birth to another human. That whole process is not a walk in the park, so I’ve heard.

This is the exact some process of ‘giving birth’ to your idea. It’s NOT easy.  But the reward of the work makes it worth the energy.

So… Yes, my title was a bit misleading.  Don’t ‘stop’ dreaming, rather, bring the dream outside your head.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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