Stats: The Good, The Bad, The Utter Madness

Stats: The Good, The Bad, The Utter Madness

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Does that word make you shudder? Riddle you with anxiety? Create enormous amounts of stress?

Views, engagement percentages, likes, Retweets, shares, comments… It can all feel overwhelming when all you ever wanted to do, was make “The Thing.”

As beautiful as the Online World can be, for those of us who are — let’s say for lack of better term — a touch more sensitive, seeing the stats on our work can send our fear mode and validation-needs into overdrive.

Social media and blog views can feel like a popularity contest. Then there’s the clickbait which gets thousands of views, and you sit there, tearing yourself to bits, wondering if all this publishing content is ever worth it.

On Validation and Authenticity

Gary Vay-ner-chuk often says something like “There is a bigger chance of you winning the lotto 7 times, than there is of you being born.” While that might sound like some crazy arbitrary fact, the point is that you being alive should be the only validation needed.

I get it though, it can be so hard when you look over at someone else and see them crushing it, and you KNOW you could be to. But you can’t let that stop you.

That other person, has their own journey, and guess what? They might be struggling with the exact same issue. They might be looking over at you thinking “Dang. S/he is so good. I wish I had that kind of talent.”

While it’s human nature to see what others are doing and compare, we have to remember:

Our journey and struggle is ours. This helps us create authentic art, in whatever form.

You can’t put a statistic on authentic creation.

So, Do Stats Really Matter?

Yes and no.

They do not matter in the sense of: Stats do not validate you as a person.

Where you should pay attention, is the feedback you get, especially in the form of comments.

Now, I don’t mean trolling comments where all the person has to say is something that tears you down. “I hate that.” “You’re so lame.” “Lol, you call that art?”

Those should be ignored, and you can even block them if it helps you calm the storm in your mind. Trust me, no one likes negative comments. For a long time it will grate your gears, but each time, you learn to block out that noise to the point where it doesn’t affect you.

Where you should pay attention, are the people encouraging you and leaving feedback that genuinely helps you improve. Or comments that include valuable thoughtfulness from the viewer of your creation.

The kind of comment where they’ve taken in your work, and added their own insight. Never “cater” to the crowd, but listen to those who have something of value to say.

Those are people who believe in what you’re doing. Those are the “stats” that build you.

Closing Thoughts

The purpose of stats is just to provide factual insight. Those numbers are not there to hurt you, tear you down, or cause fear.

They merely provide a bases of reach. And if you learn to look at it as something more or less emotionless, it will help you process and internalize in a way that builds you.

For instance… My last article got 18 reads. Just 18 people read. And most probably didn’t even read it all the way through.

But I also know, I only just started.

I’ll build. I just have to keep publishing my Authentic work.

We’re all on this journey together. Let’s make the most of it, hit the “Publish” more often, and build our community up.

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