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*I just tried Dippin Dots recently. They’re epic! 🙂

There was a very interesting conversation in a writers group I’m in.  One of my friends, Stephanie, asked us how we behave on each of the different social media accounts.

This got me to thinkin.  I know, shocker.

A lot of people don’t think about their appearance on each platform. They talk about what they’ll post, and the ratio of promoting vs. value adding.  But, I don’t often hear talk about what perception they want to convey to the world.

So, I thought it would be helpful to share the social platforms I use, how I use them, and the way I want people to perceive the content.

*NOTE: What people think about what you post will vary, but if you know your audience, then you can strategically share content and be able to judge the reaction.  But humans are humans, and ya never know.  It makes it exciting. 🙂

Twitter: This is one of my favorite platforms because the idea that you can quickly write some one-liner and send that thought out to the world, is so incredible.  Awe inspiring, really. But that could just be my geeky’ness coming through.

The WHY: I LOVE learning about what people on the geeky, business, and artist world are up to. And sharing it with others.  Things like that interest me, and it helps the various people get the word out, then blasts it out to others who care about those topics.  Win-win-win, in my book.

The PERCEPTION: I want to be seen as a content curator. I don’t use Twitter to self promote that much, tho I will drop a blog post now and then.

Instagram: My second favorite platform.  Photography is one of my top five passions.  There is something about capturing a single moment of life and sharing it with others, that uplifts me.

The WHY:  I love to capture beauty.  In a world where we’re all caught up in our phones, books, emails, and god knows what else, scrolling through instagram and seeing something that makes someone say: “Wow!” or that just gets others to smile, really brightens my day.  I also like sharing little ‘peeks’ into my life. Like, my recent Dippin Dots obsession, and how my dog did, really, just eat a Brussel Sprout. I know, GROSS.

The PERCEPTION: I want people to feel closer to me.  We all crave human connection, some more then others. I am one of those “More the other” people. And while nothing will EVER beat face-to-face, a photo just seems like a good compromise. I want people to see I’m a real person, even if they only converse with me at a virtual level.

Facebook: A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  To that, I would say: Stop complainin’ it’s a free platform, and you know you’re addicted anyway.  If you hate it so much, get off.  Now back to my point, I use Facebook as place to connect at a deeper level with people.

The WHY: I feel like this is a good dialog platform. A place to start discussions and talk about issues that are close to our hearts, as well as share news and images with folks.  I use it to share my thoughts, and news about my life.

The PERCEPTION:  I like to be utterly random on Facebook. The stuff I post sometimes makes absolutely no sense, yet it still have a purpose.  It makes people pause and think: “Hey, that’s a new way to think about it.” or “I never looked at this issue this way.”  Sometimes I personally don’t even agree with some of the topics I post, but I use it as a platform that allows people to debate objectively and share there thoughts on things that matter.  And I’ll also sharing tips, resources, and photos about what’s going on.  But I really like using it to gauge people’s thoughts on life in general and the topics we all wonder about but are scared to bring up sometimes.

These are the three sites I use the most.  The other social media platforms I’m on I don’t really use enough to have a large presence on.  I’m a firm believer that you should stick to the few platforms you like the BEST then you can always try out others once you’ve established yourself.

Would love to hear the platforms you use in the comments 🙂

Writer, Globe Trotter, Social Media Maven, Photographer

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