Making an Impact vs Creating Personal Freedom

Making an Impact vs Creating Personal Freedom

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We (in general) talk a lot about creating impact / wanting to make an impact. Which I think can be a noble goal.

That said, it’s also something that is both ambiguous, and hard to measure given the variables — one of them being, it slightingly throws the responsibility of your success to the feeling others get. Which is technically out of your control.

When you create a goal where the success measurement is largely up to other people and their emotion toward your output, you create internal friction.

You start measuring the content you make as:

  • “What if people aren’t moved by this?”
  • “What if no one agrees?”
  • “Maybe they won’t understand this.”

That is why there are so many seemingly successful people who are broken. So much of their success has been solely based on how their work makes people feel.

A better approach might be focusing on your own life freedom. That is ultimately what drives us. We want to make our own choices when we want, where we want, how we want.

Living that from the inside out automatically creates impact for the right people. You are also happy, because YOU dictate the quality of your life, and it is not based on an arbitrary number that you eventually tie to your self-worth.

Create Art. Create Freedom. Create YOU.

If you resonated with this, please recommend & share! Or if you have additional thoughts/counter opinions, I’d love to hear it. 🙂

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