Is Mediocrity Our Standard?

Is Mediocrity Our Standard?

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“How are you?”

Why is such a textbook question, our most common conversation opener? Neither party seems to care about the response anymore.

But it’s no surprise that this stale question is followed by an equally flat response: “Fine.”

I despise that stagnate four letter word.  The implications of being “fine,” entail a lack of life.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m guilty as charged.

The nuances of life, rocky roads, smooth coast to a finish line, and the various achievements, suggest that you are much more then “fine.”

When death calls, and you’re about to step into an unknown level of existence, do you really want the legacy you leave behind to be, “fine?”

What a stodgy word to sum up one’s life.

Religion aside, there is some higher power out there that gifted us our life.  Call it God, or whatever name you go by, he gave us the ability to think, breath, communicate in multiple ways, and feelings so that we can have multi-demential experiences.


Beauty, glory, victory, love, anger, depression, rage, hurt, bruised, sadness, longing, aching, achievement, bone tiredness, numbness.  Everything we do creates an emotion.

Next time someone asks you, “How are you?” think about all the unique ways you could reply. And answer that could actually leave an impression.  Something that helps someone else connect and glimpse vulnerability.

As the asker, maybe consider only asking this question only if you are ready to uphold the responsibility of hearing the answer.

To respond with “fine,” is like tossing out a gift.  If you take your feelings for granted, then someday you might wake up and actually feel nothing.

You’re NOT fine. You are so much more then that. To feel something, is better then not feeling at all.  Own it, own yourself.

Please let me know how you really feel about this in the comments below! 🙂

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