Dear Artists, The Market Doesn’t Owe You Attention

Dear Artists, The Market Doesn’t Owe You Attention

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So we make stuff, and that’s really cool. Know what else is cool? When people see it.

Let’s not lie, sometimes we look at our idols and influences with a hint of jealousy. They have the attention of the world and man… a slice of that would be so sweet.

And a slice of that can be yours. For the simple price of showing up to do the hard work.

The Market cares about what it thinks is relevant in the moment, and it’s constantly changing. Our job, for those of us who want to make art our living, is to make ourselves relevant.

Now hold up, before you throw tomatoes at me, I don’t mean creating art for the sake of shock value and attention. I mean, if that’s authentic for you, then go for it…

I mean, become relevant by sharing your truth and creation, showing up, and “being everywhere.”

People who say this is easy, are selling lies. It can be a fun adventure if you embrace it, for a while it feels like you’re a one person team, and that can get lonely. But persistence on your dream, eventually will pay off and you can partner with others who can pick up some of the other aspects of your business.

Many notable people have said:

“The world doesn’t owe us.”

It’s the same when it comes to the market — it does not owe us attention. We owe our dream attention and that includes sharing it with the world consistently so that we get the results that we want.

We must learn about marketing, being our own PR, and being okay with sharing our work.

The Market does not owe us. No one owes us.

Yes, it’s natural to feel a pang of jealousy when we see that person getting all the eye balls on their work.

Use that a fuel and learn from their hustle and determination.

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