Defining Yourself

We often attend business meetings where corporate goals are discussed.  But how often do you do that for yourself? Are your personal goals defined? And what about family goals? Or the goals you have with your significant other? I just read this article on from Brian Rumao, Chief of Staff to the CEO at LinkedIn,

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Platform Persona

There was a very interesting conversation in a writers group I’m in.  One of my friends, Stephanie, asked us how we behave on each of the different social media accounts. This got me to thinkin.  I know, shocker. A lot of people don’t think about their appearance on each platform. They talk about what they’ll

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Stop Dreaming

  … WHAT?! Okay, you really have gone crazy, Devani. I can see where you would question my sanity when reading that title. You’re in good company, I question my sanity daily. So often a lot of people, myself included, say things like: “I want to create a business for…” or “I envision my life

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Write Kinda Music

A lot of writers enjoy listening to music while writing. Below is a list of my favorites, and why I like them 🙂  *AND … if you click on the names, it’ll take you to their music channel…* Instrumental Options: – Hans Zimmer: This guy is epic! He did the soundtracks for Man of Steel,

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Wisdom on a Surfboard

  Last weekend I went down to Florida with my mom to participate in a program called Board Meetings International (BMI). The two founders, Jim Shiels and Brian Scrone, are two lifelong best friends with a mission of helping families deepen their connectedness in an often disconnected world. They’re succeeding! For Brian and Jim, who

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