Be on the Social Sites you ENJOY!

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This post serves as a quick and friendly reminder to any frustrated social media user.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts across all social networks saying things like, “I don’t like Twitter, but I feel I should be on it because everyone else is,” or, “Google+ is so confusing but I was told it was a good platform to get on…” and other messages like that.

You don’t have to buy into that concept.

Just like diets, programs, and books, if you don’t enjoy them, you’ll never follow through.  It’s the same with Social Media.

If you don’t like the platform, you’ll never get successful at it.

That said, keep in mind there are some sites where you’ll find that most of your target audience hang out. That’s a big factor to consider.  You want to have a balance of enjoying the site, while also having a big enough audience to engage.

For instance, if you love LinkedIn but you’re a photographer, you won’t get nearly the leverage on that site as you would if you were on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

UNLESS, you were targeting your photography to head shots/portraits of CEO’s or business professionals.

Would love to hear about your favorite social sites, and why you enjoy them in the comments below! 🙂

~Devani Alderson
Writer, Photographer & Lifelong Learner.

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