The Artist Never Stops Working

The Artist Never Stops Working

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The other day, a friend posted in a Facebook Group about how a roommate was subconsciously implying that because she was an artist she had the luxury of “down time.”

While he was able to travel a bit, he still needed to clock into a job, yet felt she was not working.

This is the constant artist stigma.

There is a notion that if you don’t clock into a job, you must be goofing about. Or not “really” working… or “That’s a nice hobby, but what do you really do?”

Artists. Make. Art.

That is our living. That is what we do.

Some of us are fortunate enough to create full time. Others do it as a side hustle (AKA: me). Others are aspirants, collecting experiences that overtime, become a body of work.

But every moment, we are capturing ideas, seizing moments, feeling emotions. Our minds, working overtime, 24/7 to find a way to turn each moment in time, into a piece of work that will outlive our mortality.

How is that “less” of a job or career than clocking in to the boss?

We each live on this earth for a brief span of time. At times it feels so long, yet simultaneously you feel the time rush past you like a gust of wind. As a writer, you try to capture the right word. As a painter, the right color. As a musician, the right note.

Let’s Look Down Memory Lane

Artists have historically been handed a bad rep.

Some of that we ourselves have contributed to, i.e., the starving artists mentality. Then there’s the blatant disrespect of treating someone who is creative with a different attitude than the respect we give to people who have a job.

It’s not the critics who are ever remembered through out history. There is no museum of haters. Ever. Not one.

Though there are hundreds of museums filled with arts of all types. There are opera houses, theaters, cinemas, galleries…

Yet we are so quick to bash one for trying to create something new.

How bland our world would be without art to anchor our spirit.

Talk To Us

I implore you to have conversations with artists. Learn about what inspires them. Ask for their sources of story and meaning.

Often, they will point to random moments and events that seemed completely inconsequential to anyone.

An overheard argument between friends at a cafe turns into an integral plot to a novel. A leaf flitting through the park becomes the next mural. The bird singing in the background inspires a symphony.

If you ask us to clock our hours of work, we would share our life story.

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